Private Sales

Private sales, commonly referred to as ‘off-market’, in the luxury real estate sector refers to a sales transaction that takes place in the utmost discretion outside the public, visible and traditional real estate market.
Instead of public or online promotion, a luxury property is discreetly and confidentially marketed to a select group of potential buyers.
Building Heritage interprets the “private sale” in luxury real estate by including its own specific services:

Confidentiality and privacy

Private sales are usually and intentionally characterized by a high level of confidentiality and privacy. Luxury properties can only be offered to a select group of buyers who are pre-identified or with whom the Building Heritage real estate agent has an established relationship.

Exclusive access

Buyers interested in an ‘off-market’ property often have to demonstrate genuine interest and qualified buying potential before they can access detailed information or visit the property. This allows exclusivity to be maintained and access limited to only serious and suitably qualified potential buyers.

Targeted marketing

In contrast to traditional sales, an off-market property offer is focused on a small group of potential buyers who are considered ideal purchase candidates. The Building Heritage real estate agent can use his network and relationships to specifically reach the desired clients.

Personalization of negotiations

As this type of sale is not open to the public, Building Heritage real estate agents can negotiate directly with interested buyers and tailor the terms of sale to their specific needs. This may include flexibility on payment terms, the possibility of negotiating special prices or conditions for high-value properties.

Exclusivity and perception of value

Private sales offer a perception of added value for buyers, as they have the opportunity to access exclusive properties not available to the public. This generates a privilege for the buyer, fostering their interest and attractiveness of the property.

Building Heritage’s private sales in the luxury real estate sector are suitable for those owners or buyers who wish to maintain confidentiality, explore unique opportunities, and rely on a highly specialized Building Heritage real estate agent who has an extensive network of contacts in the luxury real estate sector. 

It is important to note that due to the discrete nature of private sales, Building Heritage adds extra effort to the search and entrusts the client to work with its own real estate agent who is an expert in the field of luxury and truly exclusive real estate deals.



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