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Building Heritage Forbes GP, luxury real estate agencies offers a range of ancillary services to meet the needs and expectations of clients interested in buying, selling, or renting particularly valuable properties.


Private Sales

Private sales, commonly referred to as “off-market” in the luxury real estate industry, refers to a sales transaction that takes place with the utmost discretion outside of the public, visible and traditional real estate market. Instead of public or online advertising, a luxury property is discreetly and confidentially marketed to a select group of potential buyers.



Prime investor / opportunity

Thanks to its expertise, Building Heritage directly serves and connects the real estate sector with the capital markets, facilitating the interaction between investors, lenders and operators in the sector who pursue the development of major real estate projects or enhance the value of complex real estate properties.

Among the various investment opportunities, Building Heritage can offer initiatives for the development of new properties, the acquisition of existing properties to be transformed and the functional renovation of existing properties.

Building Heritage interacts with institutional operators and international advisors in the valuation of real estate investments, performing cash flow analysis, expected return assessment, comparative analysis of similar properties and analysis of the risk associated with real estate investments at the client’s request.

Investors and real estate professionals can rely on Building Heritage and its network of financial advisors, legal professionals, or industry experts to help their clients make informed decisions.



Pre -Sales

We have agreements with tax, legal and financial consultancy companies that can assist our clients in investigating and resolving legal and regulatory issues arising during the property purchase phase.

Post – Sales

We also have specialized partners to follow up any renovation, modification or extension work that the buyer intends to carry out after the purchase of the property. Qualified professional companies and firms to support Building Heritage clients in the post-sale phase.

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