Ancillary services commonly offered by our organization include:

Personalized consultancy

Building Heritage offers personalized and professional advice to accompany clients to identify the best investment or luxury residence opportunities based on their specific needs.

Property search and selection

Building Heritage conducts in-depth research to identify luxury properties that match clients’ preferences, selecting properties of high quality and value.

Market assessments and analysis

Building Heritage provides in-depth assessments and analysis of the luxury property market, enabling clients to make informed decisions based on market conditions and investment prospects.

Marketing and promotion

Building Heritage implements sophisticated marketing strategies to promote luxury properties for sale or rent, using high-level marketing channels, targeted advertising, quality presentations, and promotional campaigns.

Negotiation management

Building Heritage guides and manages negotiations between buyers and sellers or between tenants and owners, seeking to obtain the best deals for their clients by negotiating favorable terms, prices and conditions.

Legal and administrative support

Building Heritage collaborates with qualified legal, tax, administrative and technical professionals to provide support in legal matters, such as contract preparation, management of property transfer procedures and assistance in complying with local real estate regulations, tax efficiency, re-location of expats and incoming new resident families of international origin.

After-sales services

Building Heritage offers after-sales services, such as organizing removal services, interior design consultancy, or property management on behalf of clients.

Privacy and discretion

Building Heritage, as a leading luxury real estate operator, is committed to maintaining the utmost confidentiality and discretion throughout the process of buying, selling, renting, or hosting luxury properties.

It is important to bear in mind that the ancillary services in high-end real estate offered by Building Heritage may vary depending on the specific agency and client needs. It is advisable to contact Building Heritage and its professionals directly to find out the exact and customizable services that can meet the specific needs of each client.

Private Sales


Private sales, commonly referred to as ‘off-market’, in the luxury real estate sector refers to a sales transaction that takes place in the utmost discretion outside the public, visible and traditional real estate market. Instead of public or online promotion, a luxury property is discreetly and confidentially marketed to a select group of potential buyers.


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